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Digital Marketing Services
to grow your business

More Customers, More Sales, More Profits.

Facebook Business Growth Hack

Facebook is a powerful platform to jumpstart your business and grow revenue.
Our program leverages retargeting and custom audiences.

Digital Plumbing

Set Up Facebook Business Manager, Google MCC, Google Tag Manager. Install Facebook pixel and Google remarketing tags. Set up conversion tracking and Google Analytics.


Define your goals and mission. Choose a metric each for funnel stage: audience, engagement, and conversion. Set overall budget and percentage allocation for each funnel stage.


Publish content at each stage of your funnel. Use effective videos. Target third-party endorsements. Create personas for top constituents. Post at least once per day on Facebook.


Use email lists for Facebook custom audiences. Create saved target audiences. Create lookalike audience for conversions you track. Create ad performance dashboards.

Create Ads

Boost recent Facebook posts using saved audiences. Set up remarketing ads via Google and Facebook. Set up email and search remarketing. Create media inception ads.


Use “create similar ad” strategy for Adwords. Create new saved target audiences based on interests that convert. Test and leverage website conversion bidding. Set up dashboards.

Epic Business Growth Hacking
Customer Value Optimization

Customer Value Optimization is a proven digital marketing strategy to grow and build an unstoppable business.

  • Determine Product/Market Fit
  • Choose a Traffic Source
  • Offer a Lead Magnet
  • Offer a Tripwire
  • Offer a Core Product
  • Offer a Profit Maximizer
  • Create the Return Path
  • Use Best of Breed AI & Machine Learning MarTech

How We're Different

We help clients achieve rapid business growth (Traffic, Engagement, Conversions and Revenue) by combining proven growth hacking pressess with experienced digital marketing and information technology consultants. We assist clients with selection and implantation of best of breed marketing technology (MarTech) tools and tactics.


Our best practice growth hacking processes include Facebook and Google Adwords paid traffic, Inbound / Content Marketing, and CRM-based Funnel Marketing based on Customer Value Optimization.

Advanced MarTech Platforms

ConnecteMarkets staff actually do this stuff. We have direct implementation and user experience with all recommended MarTech platforms and software including CRM, Marketing Automation, Paid Advertising Campaign Management, Competitive Research, Landing Page Builders / Optimization, Machine Learning and Analytics.


The ConnectedMarkets team includes staff with extensive growth hacking, digital marketing and information technology experience. This includes everything from website design and development, to content marketing to to paid advertising, to landing page design, and conversion optimization testing. Everyone on the team has hands on experience and proven track records.


We build lasting relationships with our clients - read on to see what some of our clients have to say about working with us.

Organic search has been critical to bringing qualified traffic to our site. ConnectedMarkets has been extremely helpful in developing this important business growth strategy.
Sara Sutton Fell
Founder & CEO of FlexJobs
It’s simple really, ConnectedMarkets delivers the goods. Growth in online leads and customers.
Neal Green
Executive Vice President at The Coding Network, LLC
Data-based Growth Hacking is what it's all about. ConnectedMarkets helps us think out of the box and get results.
David Dolan
Director, Worldwide Sales and Marketing Strategy at Line6
ConnectedMarkets has made a real difference in our business growth: increased organic traffic, launching our first SEM campaigns and helping with planning and performance testing for our first mobile friendly store based on the Magento Ecommerce platform.
President & CEO at Allied Fire & Security


Interested in Growth Hacking? We recommend starting with a baseline website audit. Then we work with you to help you define goals, brainstorm growth hack ideas, execute those ideas, A/B test, analyze and repeat the process.

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