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ConnectedMarkets offers a range of professional Video Marketing, Video SEO, Video Promotion and Video Production services that can be customized to match the needs of YOUR target audience, YOUR project, YOUR Brand and YOUR business goals. To provide cost effective and optimal solutions, we consult virtually with you and your team, prior to project initiation. This approach helps us to determine which tactics are most likely to yield the best results for any specific production or promotion campaign. The following is a summary of our services. If you would like to discuss your specific needs for video marketing, social media and/or web video promotions, please contact us for a free consultation.

Campaigns to Engage Your Audience with Video

Using video content to engage customers and drive new prospects is still a surprisingly under-utilized strategy with brands big and small. Not only is it relatively inexpensive to use but video content can be leveraged in many different ways and is easy to promote through social media.

Here are 5 suggestions along with examples from companies who are getting it right:

  • 1. Tell your Story: What is it about your company that makes you unique? Video is a very visual and compelling way to communicate emotion and a mission statement. If you are passionate about your company and its products, check out this post from Wistia How to Tell Your Company's Story in Under 90 Seconds, with video. Do something similar with your product and brand.

  • 2. Start a Video Podcast / Diary: Video diaries can run the gamut. They can be self-contained chapters that cover a variety of topics or they can be multi-chaptered ventures that cover a single event, trip, or odyssey. Video diaries are a great way to show an inside, relaxed viewpoint of a brand or company. A great example of this is the "Why Xerox" video campaign used by the company to promote their student intern program. Xerox interns produce and submit completed video diaries of their time at Xerox and these are promoted through the company site and YouTube channel.

  • 3. Use Video to Highlight your Products: A great example is the current The Love Letter series sponsored by Outdoor Research which follows two climbers, Fitz and Becca Cahall, and their 300 mile journey through the Sierras. Not only did the climbers use Outdoor Research-provided gear, but the video was prominently seen by thousands through the Outdoor Research YouTube channel and cross-promoted heavily through their site and social media channels, resulting in a lot of media mentions and certainly new fans and customers.

  • 4. Video Humor to Drive Traffic: When you think of humor on the Internet, one site springs to mind: Cracked! With a tagline of "America's Only Humor Site Since 1958" Cracked publishes several video series called "Cracked Video Series " and the series won the Audience Choice prize at the Steamy Awards. The series has resulted in noticeable increases in both site visitors and ad revenue since its launch.

  • 5. Video as Customer Outreach: is well-known for its detailed video product tutorials. But they really hit a home run with their new Video Experience series. Using their best resource, a highly rabid customer base, Zappos has made it easy for its customers to share testimonials about their experience with Zappos and its products by providing information on how to submit video testimonials. Here's Some Examples

  • Oh, ..and don't let other people advertise on your videos, if you host on YouTube. Integrated Story

    This Generic Brand Video, by Dissolve demonstrates the power of stock video and story telling.

YouTube Optmization - Optimize YouTube Videos to Improve Search Rankings

Video content is surpassing any other format in popularity, and not only is YouTube is the leader in online video, it's also the worlds 2nd highest traffic search engine behind Google itself. YouTube has over 1 billion users and those people are watching hundreds of millions of hours and billions of views, per day. That number can be hard to comprehend so here's another staggering way to look at this number...

Our YouTube Optimization campaigns include the following:

1. Effective Keyword Research for Videos

2. Improving YouTube's Organic Ranking Signals

3. Improving External YouTube Ranking Signals

4. Embedding YouTube Videos With Semantic Markup

5. YouTube Video Promotion Tips

6. Assistance with The YouTube Partner Program

Website Video Content Optimization

Today's online videos are quickly surpassing other formats when it comes to reaching out to your audience successfully. This is mostly because it's getting so darn easy to watch videos online. The following is a summary of our services that help you optimize videos to drive traffic to your website.

1. Selecting Video Hosting Solutions

2. Video Optimization (The Essentials) for Hosted Videos

3. XML Video Sitemaps

4. MarkUps

5. Open Graph Tags for optimal video sharing on Facebook


The promise is simple, if you are ready to upgrade your digital marketing platforms and try some out of the box growth hacking tactics to grow you business, we are here and ready to help.