A Growth Hacking Digital Marketing Agency

ConnectedMarkets is a growth hacking digital marketing agency that helps startups and established companies to achieve rapid and sustainable growth.


Connected Markets is a Growth Hacking Digital Marketing agency based in Los Angeles, California. We are a USA-based virtual organization with business oriented marketing and technical experts in growth hacking, search marketing, website development and online promotion. We are passionate about marketing technology (MarTech) and we love helping our clients get results - grow traffic, leads and sales.


To help clients grow traffic, leads and sales by effectively deploying modern digital / information technologies, data analytics and machine learning solutions. We provide clients with outsourced growth hacking digital marketing services including search engine marketing, social media marketing, online website promotion, website development and creative rich media production resources. We are a highly trusted professional team dedicated to providing both full-service and do-it-yourself solutions including consulting, training and mentoring programs to assist your in-house teams.


We are a digital marketing agency with an uncompromising focus on helping our clients increase website traffic and conversions through cost-effective proven services and technology platforms. Our mission is to assure that each project exceeds your expectations, while delivering the end product on time and on budget. You can trust us to provide you with a qualified search engine optimization specialist, or provide you with the resources and mentoring, so you will become one yourself! Please contact us for a Free SEO audit of your website to find out how we can help you to improve traffic, conversions and revenue.


We make your website easy for potential customers to find, we help you increase traffic and improve online visibility, and we assist you with lead generation, dynamic content publishing, conversion optimization and online sales. We provide packaged agency services and scaleable resources using our team of experts in search engine marketing, website promotion and website development. Importantly, our team helps you to track and analyze your results and works with you to optimize all aspects of your online campaigns. We manage each engagement with online project management systems. We keep you up to date on important industry trends, document your specific objectives, measure results and track your progress on an ongoing basis. Please contact us for a custom quote, you will find our services effective and rates very competitive.


George Grant
Chief Digital Officer
George has extensive marketing and information technology experience including managing growth hacking campaigns for inbound marketing (organic search engine optimization and social media promotion), paid search campaigns (Facebook and Google Adwords), content marketing, content audits, keyword research, competitive research and website quality audits. Additionally, George has experience in optimizing content publishing processes for large and small niche websites. He also helps clients evaluate and select optimal MarTech / IT solutions for advertising, content promotion, marketing automation, CRM and list building, lead generation, landing page optimization and analytics.
Christian Roule
Website Developer / Designer
Christian has extensive hands-on experience in website design and custom website development. He has designed and developed multiple dynamic publishing websites using WordPress and other Content Management (CMS) tools. Additionally, Christian has experience in designing and building e-commerce applications and shopping carts. He has also implemented list building and email / marketing automation applications. He has designed custom online advertising campaigns, implemented affiliate management systems, and produced product feeds and custom RSS feeds. He is an experienced videographer and post-production editor.
Randy Gollard
Editorial Director
Randy has written website content, corporate brochures, email newsletters, press releases, and blogs for clients in the high- tech, hospitality, wine and spirits, professional services, non-profit corporations, and consumer electronics fields. Randy has extensive experience with editorial calendar tools, WordPress, SEO keyword research and inbound marketing optimization tools. Randy has also managed numerous pay-per-click and social media marketing campaigns. He has web analytics, project management and artist relations experience. Randy enjoys helping clients with content and editorial challenges and takes great pride in bringing results to their businesses.
Sharon Scott Wilson
PR / SMM Manager
Sharon is flexible and client-centric. She helps clients make informed, strategic decisions that grow and nurture their community. Sharon is passionate about the world of social media and is a leader in that regard. Sharon leads a social media program that includes best practice blogging as the "heart" of your content creation efforts, while establishing a meaningful and trusted presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. Sharon provides guidance and growth tactics to help clients formulate their social strategy, establish key marketing and brand messages, launch and manage social networking campaigns and select optimal social medial tools.


The promise is simple, if you are ready to upgrade your digital marketing platforms and try some out of the box growth hacking tactics to grow you business, we are here and ready to help.