Client Results

Here’s some examples of increased traffic and conversions, paid search campaigns, video marketing and dynamic website development services that we have provided for past and present clients.

Traffic and Conversions – SEO & PPC growth hacks.

client results

These organizations have dramatically increased their free organic traffic with ConnectedMarket’s search engine optimization (SEO) services.

  • initially a venture funded start up membership website for hiking trails, experienced over 175% increase in organic traffic and and a significant increase in related ad revenue prior to their acquisition by Demand Media.
  •, a membership website for parents with a database of over 250,000babysitters, nannies and care givers experienced a positive ROI on their content expansion and SEO campaign after the first six months.
  • initially a venture funded start-up hotel reviews website, saw their traffic increase by 250% over the 18 month period prior to their acquisition by SideStep.

Jumpstart and manage your paid search marketing (PPC) campaigns.

  •  launched their paid search campaign using ConnectedMarkets keyword research, competitive analysis,  ad copy creation and bid management services. The campaign showed a positive return on ad spend within 30 days and positive ROI within 90 days.
  • experienced a positive return on ad spend for retirement fraud leads with a three  month period.

Website Promotion – Social Media, Video Marketing Growth Hacks

ConnectMarkets’ website promotion services can be scaled from full service (we do it for you), to resources to assist and augment your in-house team, to training, education and mentoring programs.

  • produced a “sales / how it works” slide show video to demonstrate their mobile app store, how they improve productivity, increase sales, speed up the flow of information, reduce costs and go green with apps for the iPhone, Blackberry and Google Android smartphones.
  • launched their YouTube, Facebook, and Myspace social media campaign using ConnectedMarkets video marketing and website promotion services. Their guitar effects product visibility and traffic from organic search, video marketing and social media continues to increase.
  •  introduces its company and application in a short 2.5 minute corporate profile / product video – you can see it on the home page of the website.
  • uses YouTube to review the important DOs and DON’Ts when looking for a gun safe. Note that this YouTube video has over sixty thousand views and several comments.

Website Design and Development

You can launch a new website, or extend your existing website with a dynamic CMS-based self-publishing website that includes blogs, video sharing,  lead generation, eCommerce, email marketing,  private membership content areas, a user forum and analytics.

  •  leveraged the WordPress CMS for medical coding specialty pages, lead generation, PPC landing pages, a blog and a partner programs section of the website.
    •  leveraged the WordPress CMS for a new website, PPC landing pages and an extensive blog.
      •, a security and compliance software provider acquired by HP, leveraged the Expression Engine CMS and ConnectedMarkets website design and development services, along with their in-house web team, to upgrade their static HTML website to a CMS-based self-publishing solution.
      • leveraged the Webvanta Hosted CMS platform for lead generation, landing pages, a blog and an important information portal about Hipaa Hitech.
      • a Honolulu hotel, leveraged the WordPress CMS and ConnectedMarkets website design experts to upgrade their website to a mobile friendly website featuring organic search landing pages and a blog.
      • HolidayTravel leveraged the Expression Engine CMS and ConnectedMarkets website design experts to upgrade their static website to a dynamic website featuring lead generation, paid search landing pages and a blog.
      • purchased by Thompson Reuters, leveraged the Webvanta Hosted CMS and Connected Marketing website design experts to add dynamic content to their compliance training website including a blog, an article repository, white papers, data sheets news and products brochures.
      • (California Pacific Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine) leveraged Connected Markets website design experts to upgrade their static website to a dynamic website featuring B2C lead generation, organic search landing pages, videos and a blog.

Additional Growth Hack Examples

Positive results from ConnectedMarkets only start here. Here are some additional exceptional online business optimization results from our expert SEO, PPC and internet marketing services:

  •, a major online flower retailer, used ConnectedMarkets SEO experts to audit keyword targets, meta data standards and on-page optimization for its over ten thousand websites.
  • Eyewitness News leveraged ConnectedeMarkets Internet marketing experts for strategic online business planning.
  • AB Hospitality, a hotel management company, has engaged ConnectedMarkets on several occasions to assist with website development, SEO campaigns and PPC campaigns.

And many more..


The promise is simple, if you are ready to upgrade your digital marketing platforms and try some out of the box growth hacking tactics to grow you business, we are here and ready to help.