Content Marketing – Ensure That Your Old Blog Posts Remain Evergreen

Neil Patel just posted a great article on Content Maintenance: How To Ensure That Your Old Blog Posts Remain Evergreen. Here’s a quick summary of the key points in the article. Even though updating old content has been proven to help your SEO, it still doesn’t get much attention from an Internet that’s always on. […]

Landing Page Optimization Guide – Neal Patel

OK, OK, Neal Patel – you are truly amazing… Thank you for another inspiring example of content marketing at it finest. I think that you will find Neal’s Definitive Guide To Landing Page Optimization useful, well organized and easy to read. It’s a highly recommended resource for anyone needing to improve their online results.  Here’s […]

Google’s Ray Kurzweil Envisions New Era of Search

Google’s Ray Kurzweil Envisions New Era of Search See on David Luckham February 7, 2014 Recent Events by Steve Rosenbush,  CIO Journal In an interview, Google engineering chief Ray Kurzweil discussed a new type of search engine that he is developing, noting that search engines will have increasingly human-like problem-solving capabilities in the years to come.   […]

List of Content Curation Software Tools and Platforms

Great list of content curation tools including free and paid cloud services, and software. Solutions for both individual small sites and enterprise solutions are included. See full list of  tools – Source: If you use content curation as a part of your content marketing efforts, then you will want to give this list of […]

Using Google Analytics To Measure Social Media Effectiveness

I find that using Google Analytics social media reports to measure social media effectiveness is really useful. If you haven’t had a chance to use Google Analytics to measure your social media effectiveness for generating traffic to your website and related conversions, I encourage you to do so at your earliest opportunity.