Without search marketing / SEO experience, in-house solutions can be extremely time-consuming, costly, and complex. With our full-service affordable search engine optimization service, search engine optimization is results-oriented, cost-effective, and professionally managed.

We manage all aspects of your technical, branding, and traffic generation search engine optimization campaign for each individual search engine including:

  1. Competitive Research
  2. Keyword Analysis
  3. On-Page Optimization
  4. Meta Data Design
  5. Content Categorization and Navigation
  6. Directory Submissions & Authority Link Building
  7. Position Tracking and Traffic Reporting and Goal Conversion Tracking

Our method of search engine optimization focuses on making your site content-rich and search engine friendly. We provide affordable search engine optimization and monthly tracking service that keeps you at the top of the search engines long-term.


Don’t settle for an SEO services provider who says they’ll “list” you with the top search engines… find an SEO partner who will follow Google’s Best Practice SEO Guidelines and will help (not guarantee) to get you in the top ten for your important money keywords on an ongoing basis.

You can select ConnectedMarkets as a partner with a proven track record for providing top SEO rankings and affordable technical search engine optimization services.


The objective of the organic search engine optimization service for your website is to drive additional qualified “free” traffic to your website – traffic that converts into focused leads and revenue for your business. ConnectedMarkets concentrates on achieving first page rankings for your website on the top three search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing).

If your site is not positioned on the first page of search engine results, an opportunity to generate business is sacrificed every time a potential customer types in a relevant keyword or keyword phrase.

First-page rankings are essential to a successful online campaign. However, that said, it is important to point out that top first page organic positions on major search engines will not be achieved immediately, especially for very competitive keywords. Fortunately, there are often several related long-tail keywords that are less competitive and also on target to your key business objectives. Our SEO service includes identification of optimal long-tail keywords and optimization of related content, as may be needed.

Initial indexing of newly updated pages by the search engine robots typically requires 5 to 8 weeks. We make every effort to position a few of your less competitive search terms within the top 10 search results after initial on-page optimization, and, as we improve your link popularity and reputation, you can expect to see several top 10 placements over a period of 2 to 6 months. We follow all web standards for the greatest browser compatibility and accessibility. Additionally, our search engine optimization teams easily work with in-house and outsourced design teams, so that we help to maximize your search marketing, design and conversion effectiveness.


The following is the specific search engine optimization process to be followed by ConnectedMarkets. Each step in this process will be fully coordinated with your in-house web marketing and development team.

1. Competitive Research

We use best practice tactics and advanced competitive analysis tools to determine how you stack up against the competition in your market segment. We review your position against the competent for organic search, paid search, and social media visibility. We provide ranking reports showing how your competitors are performing in organic search for their top keywords, as well as reports showing paid search budget and traffic estimates for each of your competitors.

2. Keyword Analysis

We confirm key markets and then use automated software keyword analysis tools to determine which keywords are appropriate for your market by doing an extensive analysis of the most relevant and searchable keywords. Our tools and process include identification of the best keyword for your specific pages and which search terms have the highest search volume with the fewest competing web pages in major search engines. By collaborating with you, we will jointly select keywords and keyword phrases that your visitors are most likely to search for while utilizing the major search engines. We will also analyze your recent PPC campaigns and competitor sites to further help us determine the best words to use.

3. Benchmark Search Engine Position and Link Popularity Report

We run a detailed website ranking report, link popularity report, and link analysis report. We review your website traffic report to determine how your site and/or competition are currently performing on the major search engines. We document our findings and recommendations.

4. Optimization

Page Check, Analysis of Keywords, Title, Meta Info and Site Content – Rather than depend only on human inspection of your existing pages, we augment our human audit with automated search engine optimization software tools. This audit approach helps to ensure we identify all aspects of improper and suspect website coding and page content. Our automated tools supply expert, custom-tailored advice on how to optimize each of your new or existing web pages. The software knows each search engine’s unique personality and how to build TOP ranking pages for each engine without spamming or abusing the index. Additionally, based on our audit of your site, we often elect to make recommendations to augment your site with additional content that expands your site’s relevancy with respect to your target keywords.

We then provide guidance to your webmaster so that your new page submissions are done correctly the first time. At ConnectedMarkets, we realize that search engine rankings are only part of the program and that the ultimate goal of any successful marketing program is to increase conversions. Therefore, our SEO recommendations also carefully consider improvements to subscriptions and conversions.

5. Search Engine Submission / Indexing

After completion of the above phrases and other required preparation, we provide detailed written recommendations and XML site maps for your web team. Assuming that your in-house web team will prefer to implement our recommended changes, we will audit their changes for accuracy. We maintain tight change control procedures in all cases. We will then implement link campaigns to index all updated pages to the most important search engines. For accuracy, we use an automated process that tracks page saturation. Our process even automatically follows up to verify a site was indexed by the expected date.

It is important to note that all search engines are unique. Each has a different indexing scheduling. This means that it may take longer to get results on one search engine versus another. It takes dedication, a focused approach, and automated search engine software tools to obtain the highest levels of saturation and rankings on all of the major search engines. The top search engines we focus on include Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

6. Content Marketing Audit and Process Review

An important part of our SEO campaigns includes an audit of your existing website content with recommendations for which content/pages need improvement, which pages need to be removed, and which pages need to be better promoted in Social media.

7. Verification / Monthly Benchmarks

We then confirm that each of the search engines has indexed your pages and verify the keyword placement to ensure that the submitted pages are working as planned. Our automated tools check your positions weekly to automatically confirm your website’s positions. We know immediately if a site stays on TOP, falls in rank, or falls out of the index altogether. This allows us to release a new optimized page or re-optimize an existing one before conversion start dropping. This process can take up to 1-8 weeks due to the length of time some search engines take to update their databases. Many top 10 and top 20 positions for targeted keywords will be achieved within 90 days from the start of the agreement.

8. Account Maintenance, Algorithm Benchmarks & Reporting regularly and automatically checks your site’s positions in the major search engines. We track how you rank on every keyword or phrase that is important to you, on all the major engines. Since search engine algorithms and rankings can and do change/drop over time, we monitor the top SEO benchmarks (title density, descriptions, content density, keyword density, etc.) for each major search engine and then re-submit, recreate, and/or provide update recommendations for your pages to keep you at the top. We also send you a detailed report monthly that documents the exact position of all of your keyword phrases on the major search engines.


For start-ups to mid-sized businesses, we recommend and use the SEMRush – SEO Online research / Analytics Web App. The Web App is easy-to-use SEO tracking software that is the perfect complement to Connected Markets SEO services. The software provides you with automated weekly crawls and rank tracking, automated on-page optimization recommendations, social media performance, and top-notch competitive link intelligence reports. As part of Connected Markets SEO and SEO auditing services, we will set up the tool for you and provide you with ongoing analysis and action-oriented recommendations to improve your rankings, grow your traffic and improve the visibility of your brand. You can learn more about the Moz SEO Web App and get started right now by completing the contact form below.


For larger brands and clients with extensive content/publishing operations, we recommend and use the HubSpot Marketing Hub Pto or BrightEdge Enterprise SEO Platform. These platforms help to automate several day-to-day SEO activities and are also the first solution to offer true content performance marketing. Both Content Performance Marketing platforms allow you to understand the branding and new traffic effectiveness of your content marketing efforts and also discover the overall ROI on your content marketing programs.

Connected Markets is a Certified HubSpot and BrightEdge Professional.

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