Social Media Marketing

Our social media website promotion campaign includes project management, templates and best practice advice to implement a brand building consumer awareness social media campaign for the YOUR brand in YOUR market. The scope of our social media campaign includes social medial profile set up, creative to match your brand, best practice process for social updates, recommendations on social media tools and all of the following.

Jumpstart your Social Media Content with Power Users

If your blog has lots of high quality content, then finding high power social media users and sharing your blog content with them is a useful social media strategy. Social media power users regularly submit content and have a wide network of contacts that read their content suggestions and follow their submissions on a daily basis. This type of social network is essential to making your story popular on most social media sites, and can make or break even the highest-quality content submission. ConnectedMarkets social media service helps you find social media power users and connect with them.

Here are a few tips we use at ConnectedMarkets to jumpstart the process:

1.Over 2.4 million pieces of content are shared every minute on Facebook alone! You need to get your content to stand out BEFORE you'll garner regular interest from large network power users.

2. Connect with power users on multiple platforms: If you're following them on Twitter, why not fan them on Facebook and follow their boards on Pinterest?

3. Regularly interact with their content: The nature of interacting will depend on the type of site on which you are connecting.

4. Be contradictory: Popular social media users have hundreds of "yes men" who agree with everything they post. Don't be afraid to politely ask questions, challenge their content and engage them in back-and-forth discussion.

5. Interview them: Interviewing the social media power user as a niche expert will deepen your connection and make them more likely to promote your future content.

6. Pay for assistance: Consider paying for traffic through Twitter Promoted Tweets or StumbleUpon Ads or even full social media help through sites like Fiverr or Viral Content Buzz. Fiverr specifically has power users who advertise the use of their accounts to give initial content a larger reach.

7. Distribute your content: Even the BEST content pieces need an initial "push" to get it in front of a qualified audience. That's where content syndication platforms like Outbrain, Zemanta or One Spot come into play.

Video - The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users

This video, sponsored by Marketo, Guy Kawasaki, best-selling author and chief evangelist at Canva, teams up with Peg Fitzpatrick, to offer The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users, an essential guide to get the most social media bang for your time and effort.

ConnectedMarkets Social Media Campaigns - Feeding the Content Monster

Set Up tools (Buffer or Sprout Social) for content curation and content syndication.
  • Identify Social Power Users / Infulncers 
  • Blog Optimization, Blogging Best Practice Advice. – Identify Optimal Post Keywords
  • Twitter Set Up with Campaign to Increase and Track Followers
  • Facebook Fan Page Set Up with Campaign to Increase Fans
  • YouTube Channel Set Up and Channel Optimization
  • Google+ Channel Set Up and Channel Optimization
  • Pinterest Channel Set Up and Channel Optimizatio
  • LinkedIn Channel Set Up and Channel Optimization
  • Social Media Campaign – Profile Optimization and keywords for content ideas.
  • Set Up Content Curation Tools.
  • Share unique blog content. 
  • Selection of keywords for twitter posts, Facebook page updates, articles, press release and videos.

Dashboard Tracking of Weekly Social Media and Video Marketing Results

Social Bookmarking ( and Social Power Networking (Stumbleupon) will be employed leaving comments with links back to your site. We use leading-edge tools to make blog posts and to post articles. We use paid image libraries and Canvas for optimizing images in social posts


The promise is simple, if you are ready to upgrade your digital marketing platforms and try some out of the box growth hacking tactics to grow you business, we are here and ready to help.