content_chart_48Attention getting, useful, unique content is the most important asset that you can develop to acquire traffic for your online business and promote your brand. Our top priority is to assit you with the planning, creation and promotion of high quality authority building content. Learn More > Content Marketing.

icon_searchNow you can get an affordable SEO service that includes selecting and tracking keywords, preparation of titles and meta data, tracking and reporting for your position in multiple search engines, re-structuring site content and meta data and link building programs. Learn More > Search Engine Optimization.

_shopping cartConnectedMarkets specializes in the management of Paid Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising.  We manage large and small paid search advertising budgets on Google, Yahoo!, Bing (Microsoft) and other search engines.  Learn More > Search Engine Marketing.

users 1Our social media website promotion campaign includes project management, templates and best practice advice to implement a brand building consumer awareness social media campaign for the YOUR brand in YOUR market. Learn More > Social Media Marketing.

1365898902_Pie DiagramConsidering your time and investment in great content, SEO, SEM, SMM and more, it’s not easy to build a successful online business and community.  However, once you are there, and along the way, conversion rate optimization (CRO) for new leads and sales becomes mission critical. Our services include landing page and CRO for B2B and B2C lead generation and sales. Learn More > Conversion Rate Optimization.

_mobileYou have invested your resources in developing an perfect dynamic website, but now you want to deliver your content and brand formatted for the one hundred million smart phones including iPhone, Android and Blackberry.  Learn More > Mobile Marketing and Mobile Websites.

_doctorLocal businesses from healthcare, to legal services, to hospitality, to retail stores all need to be search engine optimized for their local markets.  Your customers are utilizing online search engines and smart-phones to find local businesses instead the Yellow Pages. Learn More > Local Search Marketing. offers a range of professional Video Marketing, Video SEO, Web Promotion and Production services that can be customized to match the needs of YOUR target audience, YOUR project, YOUR Brand and YOUR business goals.. Learn More > Video Marketing

design We think it’s an effective approach is to implement your website using a Content Management System (CMS) featuring self-publishing capabilitiesalong with a professionally designed theme and header to highlight your company’s experience, knowledge and expertise. Learn More > Website Design.

_advancedsettingsRapid technological change continues to impact digital marketing, along with other important disciplines. By actively using, reviewing and testing the latest and most effective digital marketing tools, we provide clients with cost effective services and  optimal results-oriented solutions. Learn More > Digital Marketing Tools.

Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 9.54.55 PMResults-Driven Digital Marketing Agency
ConnectedMarkets is a Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency focused on helping clients create, upgrade and promote online businesses – Online businesses that are fully optimized  for maximum lead generation, sales and revenue. We have a passion for helping start-ups and small businesses increase targeted traffic and conversions through the best-practice use of digital marketing tactics including Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Local Search, Mobile Marketing and Apps, Email Marketing, CMS-based Dynamic Website Design and Analytics.

Improve Visibility And Increase Traffic To Grow Leads and Sales
We make your online business easy for potential customers to find, we help you increase traffic and improve online visibility, and we assist you with a visitor and search engine friendly content architecture, lead generation, dynamic content publishing, conversion optimization and online sales. We also design and develop dynamic websites and custom web applications. We provide packaged agency services and scalable resources using our team of Online Business Optimization consultants with expertise in search engine marketing, website promotion and website design and development. Our team manages each engagement with online project management systems. We keep you up to date on important digital marketing tools / industry trends and we document your specific objectives, measure results and track your progress on an ongoing basis.

How We Are Different
Unlike large impersonal agencies, at ConnectedMarkets you get direct access to experts in digital marketing tactics including content marketing, SEO, search engine marketing, website promotion, dynamic website design and analytics to complement your in-house team. We help you prioritize your needs and we approach each project from a consultative perspective. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Our services are tailored and scaled specifically to meet the needs of YOUR brand, YOUR website, YOUR target audience and YOUR business goals. By working directly with your business and marketing team, we will be able to determine exactly which search marketing and development tactics are likely to yield the best results for your specific objectives.