Ray Kurzweil: Exponential Growth – Next 25 Years


Research / Cart By Ray Kurzweil, Google.


Peter Diamandis launches a new book BOLD, one of the interviews that he is most excited about is with his friend Ray Kurzweil.

Source: singularityhub.com


Watching the latest presentation from Peter Diamandis about his new book “Bold” got me thinking about formulating my own “massively transformative purpose”.


There’s certainly a lot to consider here… As Peter suggest: You need to consider – is your MTP an aspiration, does it inspire you, is it too narrow or technology-specific, is it aimed at your heart and mind, is it based on sincerity and confidence?


Anyway, I bought the book (Bold)– I recommend it, as  I believe the exponential computing and related exponential technologies are going to be the most significant factors impacting humanity for the next 25 years.