Neal PatelOK, OK, Neal Patel – you are truly amazing…
Thank you for another inspiring example of content marketing at it finest.

I think that you will find Neal’s Definitive Guide To Landing Page Optimization useful, well organized and easy to read. It’s a highly recommended resource for anyone needing to improve their online results.  Here’s the link to the info-graphic.

If you are not familiar with Landing Pages, this guide is the perfect pace to start. Neal lets you know why it’s critical to use landing pages, the best time to use them and how they fit within your overall marketing strategy. Importantly he shares why you should never use your home page as a landing page for PPC campaigns. Even if you are already familiar with landing page, this guide is worth a quick read, as it’s a good refresher on the do’s and don’t of landing pages. As for landing page optimization, optimizing conversions (goals) from any particular landing page, we have other resources and check lists on this site that will help you to stay focused and in the spirit of growth hacking and the 80/20 rule, get results fast.

It turns out that we use several of the landing page optimization tools listed in Chapter 7 including Unbounce, Instapage, Crazyegg, Hubspot and Optimizely. Lately (not included in the guide we have also been getting good results from using Hotjar. Hotjar is a feature rich (all in one) landing page optimization tool that’s reasonably priced and easy to set up and get going with.

Here’s what you will learn from Neal Patel’s The Definitive Guide to Landing Page Optimization:

  • Chapter 1: How landing pages fit within your marketing arsenal
  • Chapter 2: How to read your audience’s mind
  • Chapter 3: Optimizing traffic for higher conversions
  • Chapter 4: What makes a visitor convert
  • Chapter 5: Putting your skills to the test
  • Chapter 6: Read, review, react
  • Chapter 7: Tools of the trade


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