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Request A Growth Hacking Assessment

ConnectedMarkets is a sales and marketing automation / growth hacking / digital marketing agency that helps startups and established companies to achieve rapid and sustainable growth. If you would like us to assess the growth hacking potential for your business, please complete the form below.

Select A Plan That's Best For You.

Please complete the form below if you would like to get an assessment of your website and / or find out about which growth hacking tactics would be most effective for your business.

Option 1: Free 30-Minute Growth Strategy Session.
Option 2: Full Website & SEO Audit - $750.
Option 3: Full Website, SEO & Content Audit - $1495.
Option 4: Full Website, SEO, Content Audit and Marketing Automation Launch Plan - $2995.


Growth Hacking Tactics That Work

  • Conduct an SEO audit and technical SEO update. Turn your database info into automatic public facing content.
    – Organic Search Growth Hack
  • Use boosted posts and custom audiences (customer lists and website visitors) to target market influencers.
    – Facebook Growth Hack
  • Create shareable content. Top 10 lists - useful stuff for your market. Use Google trends and content curation tools.
    – Content Marketing Growth Hack
  • Use hosted tools to generate compelling landing pages and A/B Test (optimize) conversions.
    – Landing Page Optimization